Hi! I'm Emily Burke, a sculptor and illustrator
with a focus on nature and animals.


I work in a wide variety of both 2 and 3-dimensional art. This includes illustrations, logos, paintings, ceramic sculptures, pewter casts, and more. If you are interested in having a custom piece made, please contact me below.

Crotaphytus collaris Sculpture

Eublepharis macularius Pewter Keychain

Tyrannosaurus vs Triceratops Sculpture

Varanus salvator Illustration

Custom Tuatara Business Card Holder

Tyrannosaurus rex Chick Sculpture

Acanthosaura capra Sculpture

Dilophosaurus wetherilli Chick Sculpture

Pogona vitticeps Pewter Keychain

About Me

The natural world has been an unparalleled source of inspiration to me. It has become a driving force in my artwork and I find myself returning again and again to depicting natural subject matter. Growing up my family encouraged and embraced my love for nature and I constantly endeavored to learn as much as I could about the animals I encountered. To learn more about the animals I loved so much I attended dozens of conservation-oriented nature camps, visited natural history museums, and pored over as many texts I could get my hands on. The knowledge I had accumulated during these experiences further directed my artwork and I soon became concerned with the education of others. I strive to promote conservation and awareness of the natural world through my work.


I am currently open for commission. Prices will vary depending on the job at hand. If interested please contact me with the form below or at [email protected]